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Tube Microphone in Studio


A voice over and on-camera actor based in New York City.

Gideon Kimmel is an actor and voice-over artist based in Queens, New York. While he spent much of his life orbiting the arts, he never felt like he’d found something that stuck until he discovered his place in voice over. Since his start, Gideon has worked with a number of note-worthy clients, such as Khiel’s, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The University of Notre Dame, The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, and so many others.

To be a great voice actor, one needs top-quality instruction. Gideon currently trains with the McCaskill acting Studio for scene study and character work, as well as specific voice acting training with the VoiceForward program taught by Anna Garduno, Authenticity in Voice Over with Debra Sperling, and the Commercial Voice Over Intensive with Shelly Shenoy.

Most recently, Gideon has partnered with audio production company SpokenLayer to voice Spotify ads for companies like McDonalds, Starburst, Captain Morgan, Coke and so many others. Gideon stars in the upcoming pilot of the animated series, “Afterlife Defense Department,” in which he plays the lovable, though definitely in over his head, Dewey Hudacky. College football fans can listen to Gideon’s voice in the University of Notre Dame’s 2021 Institutional Message. Lastly, Gideon has lent his voice to the New Brunswick Group in their innovative pitch meeting with Nike.

When he’s not in the booth or busy marketing, our resident goofball spends his time working for the state of New York, working out, reading, watching the voice over pros in action (a clever way to say playing video games) and running his own games of Dungeons and Dragons.

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